When to Speak to a Mortgage Pro

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It is valuable to consult with your mortgage professional early — even before you've started narrowing down neighborhoods. What for? It may be difficult to fathom the ways we can help even before you begin to talk about prices and negotiations.


When we pre-qualify you, we help you decide how much of a monthly mortgage payment you can afford, and the loan amount you can qualify for. During this process, we explore your capacity to borrow - looking at your earning status, available money for down payment, existing debt, income, and other circumstances. It's quick and basic; We take pride in keeping the paperwork light.

After you qualify, will give you a Pre-Qualification Letter (your real estate agent may refer to it as a "pre-qual"), which documents the fact that we are helping you to find the ideal loan program to fit your financial needs and that we are confident you will qualify for a mortgage loan for a specific amount.

Buying Power

When you locate a house that catches your eye, and you decide to put together an offer, being pre-qualified for a mortgage loan will do a number of things. First, it helps you know how much you can offer. Your pre-qualification will also make your offer more attractive to the home seller, like you were bringing them a bag full of cash! They will not have to wonder if that they're wasting their time if you don't be able to qualify for a big enough mortgage. The seller of the home won't be concerned that he won't be able to trust you to qualify for your loan.Your qualifying for your needed loan amount won't cause them concern. They have a virtual guarantee to trust your ability to back up your offer.

We will help you with your pre-qualification

When we pre-qualify you, we help you determine the amount you can afford in monthly payments you can afford, and how much we of a loan you can qualify for. In the process, we look at your borrowing capacity - analyzing your job, money available for down payment, debt, income, and other areas. We will require a minimum amount of paperwork, with a short, basic process.

One on one

It's important to sit down and talk with us, even though you are welcome to also utilize the helpful mortgage loan calculators on this site. That way, we will help you get your pre-qualification letter. Then, we can make sure we have the right mortgage program for your situation. Let us help you get started: Call us at 8037793638.

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